Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Traveling through a Winter Storm

I spent all day yesterday traveling. And by "traveling" what I mean is "sitting in the airport waiting for a flight." My first flight got cancelled - perhaps because of this...
But I quickly rebooked onto a second, earlier flight. Unfortunately, that one was cancelled as well. So then I got to pay a lot of money to rebook on a third flight and wait about 5 hours until it took off. Awesome.  Luckily, I love this coffee shop at the MKE airport, so I sat and got some work done.
I also discovered that there is a used bookstore in the main terminal (before you go through security). I picked up some cheap paperbacks to get me through the day. I also bit the bullet and finally signed up for Boingo internet. It actually is a pretty good deal to start out with - something around $5 per month for the first 3 months. With as much time as I spend in airports I probably should've done that months ago!

Has anyone else been through the MKE airport? I fly through there a bunch and it's actually a great airport (minus the snow, of course!). After the security checkpoints they have this sign over some benches and it makes me smile every time!

Of course, by the time my flight was departing, it was still snowing heavily.
Which meant they had to keep shutting down the runway to get it plowed. So I missed my connecting flight in ATL. Also, can we talk about how big that airport is? I was put on standby and ended up running around the airport between all the terminals to chase down standby flights. At least I got a good workout in! I also got lucky and a) found some healthy airport food and b) made it on the next flight as a standby! I've never been so happy that someone else missed their flight! I got home late last night and now it's 65 degrees and sunny. Needless to say, I'm psyched to go for a run this afternoon! 

Does anybody else freak out a bit when they de-ice the plane? I'm always slightly paranoid they might miss a spot...

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