Saturday, February 15, 2014

Up All Night

Up most of the night with work stuff last night. It was a beautiful full moon, though that's hard to tell by my crappy picture. As much as it stinks to be woken up a million times, I was rewarded with a beautiful winter sunrise.

I got back to the hotel to find a Valentine's gift, which seriously considered eating for breakfast. That's okay, right?
I was originally planning on a long run today and felt like scrapping it at first, but after a nap and some coffee I decided to start running and see how I felt. Ended up with a freezing 10-miler. Definitely a slower run than normal, and at the end I started to wonder if I was getting frostbite on my face (turns out I wasn't).
I feel like running on the snow is about as hard as running on sand. With the added fear that at any moment you will hit a slick patch and bust it! Now time to relax with some treats from Trader Joe's!

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